Focus Group:

Engaging and Empowering Youth

This Focus Group is focused on the sustainability and longevity of our faith, specifically in looking at the next generation of our faith. We strive to give a voice to the trials and tribulations that we face in this challenging time in our Church history by engaging and empowering youth and young adults in their relationship to Christ and in their unique place within the Body of Christ.

  • We are determined to work to rebuild from the rubble of the existing structure and implement the lessons learned from successful organizations outside of our religious purview.
  • We plan to accomplish our goals through adult faith formation, dedicated service opportunities, restoring our fellowship as parishioners and building awareness and community for every vocation in the church not just the religious.
  • As St. Timothy said “Let no one look down on you because of your youth, but be a continuing example of love, faith and virtue to all believers.


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CCOC Progress Report commemorating the Third Anniversary of the Release of the PA Grand Jury Report